Our Story

Our Story

Parat is your ticket to a revolutionary Indian food experience without boundaries.

Parat opens its doors to Royal and street food-set to bring India to your palate-literally. Parat leaves no pans unturned as the eatery is owned and run by renowned Chef Harangad Singh. The Pandemic just brought out the entrepreneur in him.

The food at Parat is presented with simple elegance. However, the depth that is soon experienced on the palate is an outcome of exploring the roots of these dishes, and their voyage through time and geographies. Diners who enjoy the shades of regional cuisine will enjoy the fresh approach to Parat’s menu: it is Indian without being clich├ęd and rich without being heavy.

Parat’s Bhopali Murg Rizala and the Patiala Shahi, for example, will recall the most special curries from Royal kitchens. Rediscover Indian street food culture with the likes of rich, fragrant Keema Kaleji and then with taksaali Machi all of which share space with heart-warming old favorites, including Lucknowi Anda Curry.

The kebab sections offer specialties without just the typical galoutis and seekhs that one would associate with the cuisine. The Kalmi Kebab is a specialty as is the Old Delhi Chicken Seekh. Sharing meals is an honoured tradition in the Indian world and a great way to do so is by ordering the very special Sikandri Raan. Whether you are a single diner or a family, we want you to taste and experience the best Indian cuisine possible, but in our fun way, without the rigidity of sticking to a single region. Parat reintroduces people to the simple joy in food and a promise of a standout dining experience full of flavour, passion, and outstanding service to your homes. So, tuck a napkin under your chin, and settle in for the happiest meal at your happy place.

Awards & Accolades

        Best North Indian Food Delivery

        Iconic Tawa Bhuna Chaap

         Chef of the Year 2020 || Chef Harangad Singh

         Chef of the Year 2021 || Chef Harangad Singh